Banking Analytics and Marketing Optimization


Exemplar Technologies is a data-centric software development company from Austin, TX.

We sell a loan portfolio analysis platform to financial institutions and a marketing platform to one of the largest companies in the world.

We work with any type of marketing and financial data.   Our typical scale is 20 to 100 million records per month on a single server but we can go up or down from that efficiently.   We run as a hosted service or on-premise or in a hybrid mode.   We are comfortable working through resellers or directly with large enterprises.

We are not one of those new-school big data companies you hear so much about -- it is the wrong tool for our clients. Instead, we take standard Microsoft database technology and make it perform like systems with ten times as much hardware.

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Our long term goal is to transition the Direct Marketing industry off of paper to a digital alternative.

We are hopeful that the industry will naturally shift to digital but, each year, we notice that the USPS continues to send about 80 billion pieces of advertising mail.   The advertising industry thinks Direct Mail is in decline but the statistics and our overflowing mailboxes say otherwise.   Parts of marketing world appear to be moving to the new world but the financial services industry, in particular, still sends a lot of paper.

We are currently experimenting with different digital technologies for replacing direct mail advertising with our existing clients and hope to bring those to a wider customer base. Check out Xclaim Mobile , a company we spun-out in 2016.

Please contact us if you send a lot of physical mail and want to discuss how to move to the new world without sacrificing response.