About Us

Data Guys who wandered into Direct Mail

Exemplar is a small software development company based in Austin, TX with a habit of punching beyond our weight.  We specialize in web-based data-driven real-time analytic tools.  We are first and foremost technologists -- we love solving problems with computers especially when it involves a lot of data, learning algorithms, and statistics.  We are the guys who hang out behind the scenes and make stuff work.

We started in 1999 as a consulting company.  Since 2001, we specialized in building custom products and services.  In 2007, we used our OLAP solution to win a reporting project for an ad agency that supports direct marketing for a large telco.  In 2009, we added list segmentation to support direct mail marketing campaigns.  In 2012, we delivered a second generation version to support another type of direct mail campaign.  In 2016, we spun off a mobile wallet marketing company.  Now, we are transitioning from Microsoft OLAP to Python/Spark.



Exemplar Technologies is...
    working out of the Capital Factory
    hanging out at Houndstooth Coffee


701 Brazos, Suite 1604, Austin, TX 78701
Phone: We are a mobile-phone only operation.
Email: info@exemplartech.com